Looking to complete your professional SAIPA articles at MMS?

We are on the lookout for aspiring Professional Accountants (SA) to join us in 2023! If you are interested in joining the team at MMS Group for a traineeship position, be sure to apply now. In operation since 1992, MMS Group is a dynamic accounting firm that believes in creating an open environment for staff and clients to reach their full potential.

To aid this, we continuously strive for growth and development – this is the difference you can expect from MMS Group, and why we would be an excellent choice for your future career!

The MMS difference

When joining MMS Group, you are doing more than joining an accountancy firm – you join a family! Our team understands the value of human connection. This is why we follow three golden rules throughout all we do: Connect, Understand and Solve.

We go the extra mile to connect with all of our clients to nurture a business relationship based on trust. This helps us better understand their every need, which assists us in providing the best professional assistance and advice. By doing so we help clients make informed decisions to solve business problems, which helps them reach their full potential.

How to become a Professional Accountant with MMS Group and SAIPA

STEP ONE: Tertiary Academic Requirements

First, you will need to obtain a postgraduate degree from a SAIPA accredited tertiary institution. To do this, individuals will need an undergraduate degree that includes the following core subjects:

  • Financial Accounting 3
  • Taxation 1
  • Auditing 1 or Internal Auditing 2 or Internal Control and Code of Ethics
  • Corporate Law 1 or Commercial Law 2
  • Management Accounting 1 (Financial Management 1)

STEP TWO: Tertiary Practical Requirements

Three years supervised training at an Accredited Training Centre (ATC), documented in the SAIPA Institute’s official training logbook, regularly updated by the Trainee Accountant and the Training Centre Principle, and monitored annually by a SAIPA nominated Monitoring Officer.

MMS Trust Services (Pty) Ltd and MMS Entrepreneurial Services (Pty) Ltd, that form part of MMS Group, are both registered as Accredited Training Centres. As an aspiring Professional Accountant (SA), your professional career will kick off at one of these two entities.

STEP THREE: Complete the Professional Evaluation Examination (PE)

The PE examination is used to determine your ability and to integrate academic knowledge with the practical skills required in the workplace. If you meet the academic and practical requirements, you may apply to write the PE examination. Once you have passed the written PE examination, you may then register as a Professional Accountant (SA). The examination is based on the core subjects mentioned above.

Once you have successfully passed the PE examination and have paid the entrance and membership fees, you may be registered as a Full Member. This will change your status to Professional Accountant (SA) with all the rights and privileges associated with the title.

After this is achieved, you will need to partake in Continued Professional Development (CPD). This is done regularly to improve and update your knowledge and skills through additional courses and resources.

As a proud SAIPA registered Accredited Training Centre, we can ensure that you accomplish all the necessary competencies to achieve your aspiration as a Professional Accountant. Our programme assists you in gaining the generalist expertise and experience needed for a range of commercial sectors.

The following competencies will serve you well in successfully joining our team

  • An ambitious mindset
  • A high-stress threshold
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to pay attention to detail
  • Excellent time management
  • Comfortable with team management
  • Good communication skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office
In addition:

  • Preference will be given to candidates with South African citizenship
  • Relevant accounting related degree and postgraduate from a SAIPA recognised University.

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