1Does MMS have offices countrywide?
While we only have an office in Roodepoort, Gauteng, we serve clients countrywide. Most of our clients are located in Gauteng. It may happen that staff have to travel to service our clients, but we try to ensure that staff members never have to be away from home longer than four days.
2Does one get sufficient support and exposure by doing your articles with MMS?
Absolutely! Our directors are often on the road but when they are in the office it is easy (and quick) to approach them with enquiries. The directors’ and managers’ office doors are always open. MMS serves clients in almost all spheres of the economy and staff members are exposed to them all, from small startup SMME’s, private individuals, to affiliates of international companies, even JSE listed companies.
3How does MMS’s training compare with that of other firms?
Training is one of MMS’s mainstays and the further development of our staff is a definite focus. The training is based on the requirements of the various programmes and we provide the assurance that all competencies required by SAICA and SAIPA will be achieved by the end of the trainee program. We use only the best service providers for training and follow a blended approach – group, one-on-one and online training. Our mentorship programme ensures that the “on the job training” aspect of articles is not neglected.
4Why will I learn more, grow more or enjoy myself more at MMS?
MMS is completely focused on personal relationships, not only with our clients but also internally. We help each other to learn, and part of our excellent team spirit emanates from our strong mentorship mind-set. No one prevents you growing at our firm; on the contrary, there are terrific opportunities for personal growth and development!
5Will I have to bring a mattress to work?
While we are sometimes forced by necessity to work overtime, we promote a balanced lifestyle! Thus it will definitely not be necessary to stay at the office overnight.
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