We Don’t Just Audit Your Past; We Strengthen Your Future

At MMS, our audit attestation and other assurance services are driven by our dedication to the public trust, and defined by integrity, objectivity and independence. We practice strict adherence to all professional standards, regulations and laws at all times. The interests of our clients, including owners, investors and other stakeholders, are served in accordance with the appropriate professional standards.

While the primary objective of the audit process is to provide varying degrees of assurance on the underlying financial data, our auditors utilise experience and training to provide clients with financial, internal control and operational recommendations that can help improve their business. MMS Groups’ auditors have specialized knowledge of specific industry sectors, allowing us to perform each audit with a unique, value-added perspective.

The service characteristics of our assurance and accounting services professionals include hands-on, year-round contact with our clients, who benefit from our commitment to service continuity and the utilization of our most experienced professionals during their audits. Our audit approach is grounded in a tested and efficient methodology that ensures the consistent ability to meet stated deadlines and commitments with no unwelcome surprises to our clients.

Whether striving to expand and improve operations, attract or secure growth or investment capital or simply negotiate more favorable terms with their existing lender, we assist our clients in presenting their financial statements in the most informative and accurate manner possible. Our audit of these financial statements is often a required element in helping our clients meet their financing and growth objectives.

In order to accomplish financial statement audit objectives in a highly-effective manner that is meaningful to our clients, MMS employs an industry-specific, risk-based approach to auditing and assurance services, as well as attestation services. Proper planning, testing and accurate reporting, all with a strong emphasis on risk assessment, define our audit philosophy.

Our clients benefit from enhanced communication and streamlined internal processes that ensure we always meet or beat reporting deadlines and avoid surprises relating to our auditing and assurance services. The use of technology, including data extraction software and electronic work papers, adds to our efficiency and the ability to tailor our audit plan to each client’s operational structure.

In addition to financial statement audits, MMS also provides the following services:

Financial Statement Reviews
MMS can review financial results by making inquiries of a client’s management and performing analytical procedures on financial data. Our review report expresses limited assurance that there are no material modifications that should be made to the financial statements in order for them to conform to International Financial Reporting Standards.

Financial Statement Compilations
MMS can compile financial statements from client information in accordance with professional standards.

Other Services
As a full-service business advisor to our clients, we offer a wide spectrum of related services to help with our clients’ regulatory or contractual compliance, operational efficiency and profit maximization. In addition to auditing and assurance services and attestation services, we offer:

  • Reporting and compliance
  • Agreed-upon procedures
  • Reports on internal controls
  • Attestation services
  • Process and procedure reviews
  • Performance measurement, including benchmarking
  • Assurance of regulatory requirement compliance
  • Standards implementation assistance

Please contact us to learn more about our audit services.